A JAM is a non-linear exchange; a moderated discussion that is part creative brainstorming, part active dialogue and part focus group. The conversation can involve one institution deeply, or build a broad community of hundreds of people across the country or around the world. We bring people together because of their passion for a subject. In a JAM they share experiences, knowledge, and ideas, and collaborate in search of actionable responses to complex issues -
JAM’s are a high value, low risk way to bring the widest and deepest group of knowledgeable people together without the time and cost of physical travel.
Most JAM’s occur over the course of a day and the great majority of participants come and go based on their personal schedules – reading and posting when they can and where they want to.
One valuable bi-product of a JAM is the ability for participants to network with people they would otherwise not have met and spoken with, even in person at a conference.